Sharpen your pencil, open your eyes, and draw!

CB7 - Warm still life - Conte on paper.j

Dear Creative Friends,

New classes for you starting in just a few weeks!

Oil painting.  Pastel painting.  Figure drawing.

Each one focuses on clear instruction, helpful positive feedback

and - most important - your personal artistic growth.

You'll find a studio-full of artistic folks 

who are eager to grow, just like you.

Registration is easy -  just call, text or email me to sign up.

And I'm always happy to answer your questions and find out more about

your art-making, so feel free to get in touch.


Painting 1 by Charlie Berger

New Classes Starting Soon!

Wednesday Evening

at ArtsConnect

Thursday Morning

at The Barn

Friday Morning

at The Barn

Friday Afternoon

at The Barn

Saturday Morning 

at The Barn



Take your skills

to the next level!


July 7 - August 11

6:30 - 8:30 pm

Six weeks  $85

You'll develop essential drawing skills from direct observation of a wide range of in-studio subjects.

Take your skills to the next level! Plus learn to create the illusion of form using line, shape, perspective

and tonal value.

Details & Registration

Drawing Fundamentals is held at

Springfield Township

Arts Foundation, OH (

9150 Winton Road

Cincinnati, OH 45231

To register call Lisa

at 515-4545 or

Charlie at


Paint with Confidence

in Oil 

Instruction in oil-based and water-based oils


Session 1

Thursdays 9am - 12 noon

July 29 - Sept. 2   $195

Session 2

Thursdays 9am - 12 noon

Sept. 16 - Oct. 21   $195

Are you a confident painter? Painting on your own but having less success than you'd like? You're in good company!

Learn the secrets of a limited palette and effective color mixing.

       Start every painting with a strong composition. 

Learn to see like an artist to make believable paintings with a personal approach to color. 

Friday Morning Pastel

Focusing on technical skill and personal artistic development

Session 1

Fridays 9am - 12 noon

July 30 - Sept. 3   $185

Session 2

Fridays 9am - 12 noon

Sept. 17 - Oct. 22   $185

Clear technical instruction. Lots of painting time. 

Plenty of individual feedback.

Learn to make good decisions about composition, tonal value, color mixing and 

mark-making to create richly colorful pastel paintings of your favorite subjects. 

Includes info on hard and soft pastels, papers and boards, plus useful tools for achieving success. 


Thank Goodness

It's Friday! 

Almost Every

Friday Afternoon 

1pm - 4pm

Summer Schedule

Fri. July 2   1pm - 4pm

Sat. July 10   9am - 12 noon

Sat. July 17   9am - 12 noon

Sat. July 24   9am - 12 noon

Fri. July 30   1pm - 4pm

TGIF is an open drop-in  studio for artists working

in any medium.

Work on your own project or set up a colorful still life.

Charlie will provide as much professional instruction and feedback as you want.

$25 per session 

[cash, check or Venmo]

Bring your own tools & materials

Easel, table, tabouret and drop cloth provided

Limited to 8 artists

Please register ahead!

call or text 513-212-4679

Long Pose Figure Drawing

Saturdays 9am - 12pm

July 31 - Sept. 4   $210

We will work from direct observation of the nude model, primarily in long poses, 

to create fully developed sketches and finished drawings. 

Group and individual instruction will focus on observation, proportion, measurement 

and alignment, and the use of contour, cross-contour and effective 

tonal value. Each of these skills will help you to

define form and create mood and expression.


Each class includes group instruction and lots of personal feedback.

Skill level - Experienced beginner and above. 

The model fee is included.

Advance registration is required:  Please call, text or email Charlie to reserve your spot

Register now. It's easy! 

513 212 4679

or email to reserve your place:


Pay by credit card, check, cash or Venmo

Just getting started in art?  Want more info before you choose?

Call or message me to talk about which creative opportunity

might be best for you.

C L A S S E S   A T   F O U R   L O C A T I O N S

The Barn

Woman's Art Club
Cultural Center

6980 Cambridge Avenue Mariemont, OH 45227

513 272 3700

Plaza Artist Materials

in The Kenwood Galleria


8118 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati, OH 45236

513 793 5300

Classes will resume

with improvements

in public health


Springfield Township Community Art Center


9150 Winton Road

Cincinnati, OH 45231

513 522 2108

Kennedy Heights
Arts Center

6546 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati OH 45213

513 631 4278

Check with the Arts Center

for more information

I'm a professional artist and sculptor

with a Master of Fine Arts degree

in drawing and printmaking.

I've spent 30+ years teaching and

working with artists like you.

Artist and teacher Charlie Berger

I'm creative and compassionate, and

I work hard to make every class or workshop

a seriously fun and engaging experience.

My passion is helping you become the

joyful creative person you are!

Charlie Berger

"Egg Onion Funnel"  11x14
"Gathering of Tools"   18x24
"Steel Tin Glass Salt"   9x12
"Weller"    16x20
"Pierce and Locomotive"   18x24
"Charlene seated, turning"   16x20
"Pewter pitcher with red"   9x12
"Gift of shared enabling wing" 22x30
"Triangular box kite"   22x30
Paintings and Drawings
by Charlie Berger

Sharpen your pencil, open your eyes, AND draw!

T H E   L O V E   O F   D R A W I N G

Charlie Berger's Studio

3113  Troy Avenue  #1

Pleasant Ridge ~ Cincinnati OH 45213

513 212 4679

T H E L O V E O F D R A W I N G . C O M

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